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All accessoires to start playing carom as a beginner!

For an affordable price you can start playing carom with your friends or family. You got it all with this set: From the cue to the poolballs, you are ready to go!

Carom set Standard


Carom set Standard

 Totaal Excl.

Totaal Incl.

2CKGA.991One-piece Gabriels cue   
1AC2114Dynaspheres Carom Silver 615   
1AC4603Scoreboard 3 - persons   
1AC4101Cue holder- 4 clip   
1AC4002Table cover thin 9ft/8ft ( AC4001 )   
1AC3010Box Master chalk 12 pieces (appropiate color)    
     €   178,75 €  216,29


Carom set Premium

Carom set Premium  Tot. Excl. Tot. Incl.
4CKAR.991One-piece Gabriels/Artemis cue 1,40   
1§Dynaspheres Carom Gold 615   
1AC4605Butterfly scoreboard 2 pers. + turns   
1AC4110Cue holder 6-clips mahonie de luxe   
1AC4063Brush horsehair   
1AC4011table cover thick 210/230  (AC4011)   
1AC3031Box of chalk Gold Star 12 pieces   
     €         316,78 €         383,30

Extra costs Aramith Pro Cup balls

+   € 13,23


Extra costs

Match cover 284x142

+ € 16,53



Maintenance set 

Maintenance set   Tot. Excl. Tot. Incl.
1AC4058Gabriels Cleaning Cloth   
1AC2407Aramith ball cleaner   
1AC4061Vacuum cleaner mouth- piece   
     €37,10 €44,89

Lighting package

Lighting package  Tot. Excl. Tot. Incl.
2AC7540Classic lamp classic red-copper   
2AC7541UFO Led lamp 150mm/2400lm   
     €         123,04 €         148,88