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History of the Loontjens company since 1920

The company was founded in 1920 by Hector Alidor Loontjens in Goes. In 1924 he moved to Middelburg. In addition to billiards, the trade was all the essentials for the café, restaurant and hotel business an important leg of the company. H.A. Loontjens was a well-known name in the catering industry throughout the province of Zeeland. Hector Loontjens died in 1938, his wife continued the business and was succeeded by her sons Stan and Hector (fa. Gebr. Loontjens) after the Second World War. In addition to billiards, cafe inventories and catering items, jukeboxes and the first slot machines were also added to the range.

The slot machine activities would become very significant in the following years. The 1950s and 1960s were dominated by jukeboxes, followed by pinball machines, shooting ranges and football games. In the period after that, slot machines, video games and other games of skill were added. More attention was focused on the operation of gaming machines in the catering industry (Loontjens Automaten) and the design and operation of amusement halls under the names Fun House, Carrousel and Funtastic Casino. To replace the jukebox, the program was expanded with modern sound and light effect equipment. The trade in catering activities was divested in 1974 and continued under the name Dam Horeca Service, later performed in Hakvoort.

At the end of 2013, all slot machine activities were sold to Novomatic from Austria. Pulse Audio & Video became independent at the same time.

From 2014, the family business was again explained in detail about the billiard activities that also started in 1920. Billiards activities were strongly boosted in the eighties and nineties by the emergence of the new billiards games snooker and pool. From the late 1990s, the billiard factories of Roothaert and Rex (1998) and Gabriels from Belgium (2003) were successively taken over.

Loontjens Biljarts will be 100 years old in 2020. Internationally, we work under the name Hector Cue Sport after the real founder of the company: Hector Alidor Loontjens.

With high-quality own brands such as Gabriels, Clash, Molinari, Dynaspheres and Vector, Hector Cue Sport is a major player in the worldwide billiards world, especially in the areas of carom, three-cushion and pool. We are manufacturers of the high-end brands Gabriels (billiard tables), Clash (pool tables), Dynaspheres (billiard balls) and Molonari (composite cues and accessories). We also carry a number of other products that are interesting for the billiard world, such as Vector and Klematch rubber tires. .

We sell our products worldwide and supply almost all industry and wholesalers. Production and wholesale are centralized in Ranst in Belgium (HCSB B.V.). Loontjens Biljarts is engaged in consumer sales, billiard sales and the distribution of Clash pool billiards. We sell to private individuals, catering businesses, healthcare institutions, schools and companies and also rent billiard tables. The showroom and headquarters of Loontjens Biljarts is located at Dam 21 in the center of Middelburg, at this location the company has been located since 1932

Gabriels is the largest billiard factory in Europe, has existed in Belgium since 1932 and has a good reputation for carom competition tables. The products have a large number of innovations in materials, construction of the tire and heating system and desired to the world top in three-cushion. Gabriels is chosen as a tournament table at many official World Cups and World Championships. A new high-end pool table with the same qualities as the carom billiards will be launched in September this year

Molinari stands for innovation in the field of composite billiard cues for all disciplines and also for an extensive range of accessories. The new cues have been developed entirely in-house and meet the highest requirements for accuracy and tolerances of the standard shapes for the entire industry. The production of the new cues takes place entirely in-house using the most modern computer-controlled precision machines. The Molinari accessory program includes cue bags, and kitchen cases, extensions, gloves, tip tips and chalk.

Dynaspheres stands for very high quality billiard balls that were introduced worldwide in 2019 and are available for all game types. The function features are high accuracy with very small tolerances in size and weight and an extremely smooth surface finish, which means that contamination (including chalk) is less likely and can also be removed by cleaning.