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Loontjens Billiards is a company that exists well over a century and specializes in dealing billiard tables, cues and accessories to wholesale, retailers and private customers. Our commercial wholesale activities are fully incorporated within our subsidiary Hector Cue Sports (HCS). The company is owner of the bar-setting manufacturer Gabriels Billiards who produces high-end pool and carom tables. Gabriels has a couple of brands that fall under its influence: Clash (pool tables), Molinari and NovaRossi (cues and accessories) and Vector (rubbers for the cushions).

Gabriels is Europe's largest producer of billiards with distribution all over the globe. The products are among the world's best in three-cushion and foster unprecedented innovations that are leading in the industry. Gabriels is the table of choice in numerous official matches like the World Cups and World Championships. In the field of high-end cues (like Molinari) and carom, Gabriels has achieved a role as one of the main innovators and will continue to do so in the future. 

In Middelburg, in the province of Zeeland (The Netherlands), Loontjens Billiards serves mainly the Dutch private customers and the billiard halls across the country. From our HCS division in Antwerp, Belgium our B2B business is distributed to numerous countries across the globe.

Hector Cue Sports is a big player in the billiard scene sporting premium brands such as Gabriels, Clash, Molinari, NovaRossi and Vector. We specialize mainly in carom, three-cushion and pool.

In the past the Middelburg based company was active in the snooker scene under our former name ''Holland Snooker''.

The showroom and head-office of Loontjens Billiards is located in the centre of Middelburg in the monumental building at 21 Dam where it has been since 1932. Warehouses and production facilities are located across The Netherlands and Belgium. 


History of the Loontjens company

The company was founded by Hector Alidor Loontjens in Goes, The Netherlands. In 1924, it moved to Middelburg. Besides the production of billiards, the merits of trading furniture and appliances for bars, hotels and restaurants were an important part of the company. The firm H.A. Loontjens was a well-known name in the catering industry across Zeeland. After Hector Loontjens passed away in 1938, his wife continued the business and was succeeded by her two sons Stan and Hector after the Second World War. They continued under the new firm Loontjens Brothers. Next to the existing trading of billiards and furniture the business was then further extended to jukeboxes and slot machines.

The activities in the gambling and leisure machines gained a more prominent role within the company in the years come. The 50's and the 60's were focused on Jukeboxes, pinball machines, fuss ball tables and shooting casts. In the years to come, slot machines, videogames, racing games, and agility machines were added to sphere of focus. The emphasis became more and more centered on distributing and operating of gambling machines in the catering industry (Loontjens Automaten) and the opening of many arcade halls bearing the names of Fun House, Carrousel and Fantastic Casino. 


As a gradual replacement of the Jukebox, the program was branched out with the more moderen and up to date sound and light exploitation (Pulse Audio & Video). The trade in Furniture and appliances was set aside in 1974 and continued under the name of Dam Horeca Services which became a part of Hakvoort. 

At the dusk of 2013 all the activities of Loontjens Automaten were sold to Austrian company Novomatic. Pulse Audio & Video became independent of Loontjens at the same time. 

Starting from 2014, the family company went back to its roots and focused solely on the Billiard industry, like it started in 1920. The billiard scene became booming through the rise of the new billiard games of pool and snooker. 

From the end of the 90's the plants of Rootheart en Rex (1998) and Gabriels in Belgium (2003) were taken over.