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Since early 2018 all service and maintenance orders are outsourced to Billiardservice Mark Bliek. This respected mechanic has almost two decades of experience within our company and just started last year as an independent contractor. Do not worry if your billiard or gear needs maintenance or reparation, everything stays the same like you are accustomed from Mark and us!

Maintenance of your table(s)

Billiardservice Mark Bliek offers everything for the maintenance of your billiard as well as reasonably priced billiard products and new or pre-owned carom, pool or snooker tables. I always bring a box with me containing diverse service products and accessories. If you happen to be looking for a low-priced cue you are able to find your cue in the showcase.

Private Individuals

Does your own table in your home needs servicing or maintenance? Your table is my concern and I wil be more than happy to take on this task.

Catering Industry

Accidentally spilled a drink on your cloth? Or does one of your tables needs a new cloth or rubbers? Do not look further, we have that fixed in a minute!


Without good servicing of your table, it is impossible to perform well. I will guarantee your cloth of World Cup quality maintenance!

Get in contact

You will find more information at biljartservicebliek.nl 
On this website you will also find contact information to make an appointment.