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At Loontjens Billiards you can rent top quality billiards for a fixed and competitive price.

Choose between different models of carom or pool billiards
Prices include annual maintenance, including replacement of sheet and accessories
found option to buy from two years after the start of the lease
We can also offer you a time settlement system with which you can earn back the rent
Please inquire about all conditions

Clash STEEL PRO 9-foot
STEEL PRO 9-foot
Gabriels Imperator V
Imperator V
SAM Fast Track airhockey
Fast Track airhockey
Deutscher Meister  Voetbaltafel Luxeline
Deutscher Meister
Voetbaltafel Luxeline
SAM Allegro 7-foot coin- op pool
Valley Valley 7-foot coin-op pool walnut
Valley Dynamo neon 8-foot coin-op pool
SAM Arena – Illuminated Football Table