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Bilijardai is a billiard manufacturer from the centre of Europe. The company produces 1000 unique tables a year and is well-known for its dining pools. The dining tabel can be transformed to a pool table in the blink of an eye. Loontjens is a dealer of these dining pools because of their unique character and the fact that the tables are the perfect combination between design and functionality. Thanks to innovative technology the tables can be adjusted in height so it suits every occasion. Underneath the table there is room for storage of the balls and cues. This is done to cover these attributes while using the table as a dining space. Bilijardai definitely lives up to its slogan of "functional design".

Bilijardai Pronto Vision
Pronto Vision
Bilijardai Pronto Ultra
Pronto Ultra
Bilijardai Decotech 7-foot
Decotech 7-foot