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Snooker tables

Snooker billiards is a beautiful and challenging branch of billiards, where precision, concentration and skill are required to succeed. It is a demanding game that demands both mentally and physically. It is also one of the most popular forms of billiards in the world, with a large fan base and many professional players.

Our snooker billiard tables are made of the highest quality materials and are specially designed for snooker billiards. The tables are equipped with professional sheets and pockets, so you can concentrate on your game. Our tables come in a variety of sizes and styles, from traditional to modern, so you can always find a table that matches your taste and decor.

With a snooker pool table at home, billiards will be a challenging and fun activity to play alone or to compete against friends and family. Our snooker pool tables provide hours of fun and entertainment, offering a great way to improve your skill and precision. We offer you the choice of a variety of models and price ranges, so that you can always find the perfect table for your needs.

Riley Riley antique dining with cover 5-foot
Loontjens @home Cambridge 10-foot
Loontjens @home
Cambridge 10-foot
In stock
Conway President 12-foot
President 12-foot
In stock
Gabriels Craftsman 12-foot
Craftsman 12-foot
In stock
Riley Riley | Sovereign 12-foot mahogany
Riley | Sovereign 12-foot mahogany
In stock
Riley Aristocrat Russisch Pyramid Kit 356 x 178 cm
Riley Aristocrat 12-foot mahonie
Aristocrat 12-foot mahonie
In stock